PARATUS - our Healthcare Software & IT-Service Buy & Build Group

We are happy to announce that we have added another group. PARATUS is set to become the leading Software and IT-Service Company within the German Healthcare market. Through partnering with of small-cap software and IT-Service companies within dedicated healthcare niche verticals PARATUS aims to deliver real benefits to their partners and customers. Among other things, PARATUS will support group members and their customers in overcoming regulatory challenges emerging from new data security laws, to promote further growth and digitizating in the Health-IT sector.

About GREENPEAK Partners

GREENPEAK Partners is a company builder with proven track record and comprehensive expertise in the foundation, development, and expansion of industry leaders within the German, Austrian, and Swiss markets. While executing its Buy & Build strategies, GREENPEAK aims at developing industry leaders by virtue of strong and close partnerships, ESG values, and aligned sustainable interests.