aycan Joins the PARATUS Group

Strategic Step for a Successful Future: aycan Joins the PARATUS Group and Strengthens Collaboration with IMAGE Information Systems.

GREENPEAK Partners announced today that through their holding group PARATUS, a leading provider of specialized healthcare software and IT service solutions, they have acquired aycan, a leading medical imaging IT solutions provider dedicated to improving workflow efficiency, driving down costs, and consistently delighting customers with exceptional service. As part of the acquisition, aycan will join forces with IMAGE Information Systems, a strategic reseller and technology partner of aycan since 2021 and a prominent member of the PARATUS group.

The decision to acquire aycan was influenced by aycan’s well-established market position and strong track record, particularly its influence in the Apple and Linux PACS space. “aycan’s Mac and Linux-based portfolio is a perfect complement to IMAGE’s Windows-based portfolio,” said Friedrich von Kleist, Managing Director of PARATUS. “Adding them to our group and aligning them with IMAGE further enables both companies to offer customers solutions for a complete workflow while strengthening the whole PARATUS group.” In line with PARATUS’ business strategy, aycan and IMAGE will retain their individual operations and brand identities, emphasizing their commitment to collaboration without losing their renowned market presence.

“The integration with PARATUS marks a new era for aycan, yet we remain dedicated to our core values and brand that aycan customers have come to rely on,” said Dr. Matthias Brönner, Managing Director of aycan’s German operations. “Solidifying our partnership with IMAGE under PARATUS greatly facilitates our exchange of insights and expertise, allowing us to further expand and grow our businesses,” said Frank Burkhardt, Managing Director of aycan’s U.S. operations. Dr. Arpad Bischof, Managing Director of IMAGE Information Systems Europe, added, “We look forward to working more closely with aycan, a company known for its highly capable imaging solutions. This growing partnership reinforces our collective commitment to providing reliable and effective medical imaging solutions.”

As aycan and IMAGE embark on their collaborative venture under the support of PARATUS, the companies anticipate delivering even higher levels of capability and value to their global customers and reinforcing their leadership roles in advancing medical imaging technology. PARATUS demonstrates robust support for its group companies, encompassing financial investment, collaborative tendering, access to shared resources in areas such as finance, marketing/sales or quality management, assistance in entering new markets, and more.

Both aycan and IMAGE’s product lines will continue with no disruption in access or service to their customers.

Media Contact: For more information or to schedule an interview about aycan joining the PARATUS group and the partnership with IMAGE, please contact:

Mr. Friedrich von Kleist, Managing Director PARATUS: fkleist@paratus-gruppe.de


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ABOUT aycan

aycan specializes in the development and implementation of medical imaging IT solutions, with a strong emphasis on Apple and Linux PACS systems designed to improve workflow efficiency and drive down costs, with a strong company focus on consistently delighting customers with exceptional service. aycan supports worldwide customers with European headquarters in Wuerzburg, Germany (aycan Digitalsysteme GmbH).and U.S. headquarters in Rochester, New York (aycan Medical Systems).
www.aycan.de and www.aycan.com

ABOUT IMAGE Information Systems

IMAGE is a leading software and IT service provider of Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) solutions. The company is based in Rostock, Germany, with local offices in the USA and India. IMAGE was founded in 2003 with the aim of providing complete, easy-to-use, and innovative medical imaging solutions for radiology and healthcare professionals worldwide. By now, installation sites exceed 10,000 in over 100 countries. www.image-systems.biz


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